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Lozier Gondola Colors

DISCLAIMER: This page contains suggestions of colors to be used on custom shelving applications.  Actual color tints may differ between computers and monitors.  We suggest clients interested in custom colored shelving, purchase color chips to confirm color selection as custom and specialty shelving is not returnable,  Call 800 619 9566 to request color chips to be sent.  There is a $35 deposit required for paint chips that is refundable only at time of purchase.

Lozier Standard Color


Lozier Tier 1 Colors

Gray Silver Gray Charcoal Black White

Lozier Tier 11 Colors

Royal Blue Yellow Tuscan Olive
Primary Red Cool White Foundry
Classic Copper Khaki Oyster
Indigo Hunter Green & Dark Rust shades available.  Please request color swatch for exact color match.


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Lozier Gondola Colors